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Empowering Startups to Scale with Confidence

Elevate your B2B SaaS ambitions with tailored GTM and Demand strategies. Partner with our experts, integrated seamlessly into your team, to refine your approach, pinpoint growth catalysts, and execute with precision. Let's combine your understanding of your customers with our expertise to drive success together.

“Thanks to Adi's expertise, we saw a 15% reduction in our CPA and a remarkable 20% uptick in quality leads from our Google search and display ads.”

Raman, from Phasio
Charlotte Joy Trudgill
Co-founder & CEO, Jackett
Our services

Unmatched Expertise in Startup Growth

Demand Generation 

Build and execute marketing programs tailored to your ICP that generate awareness and drive real revenue.

Demand Creation

Demand Capture

Paid Media (LinkedIn and Google)

Account-Based Marketing

Go-To-Market Strategy Consulting

Develop strategies that work for your business while helping you define and measure success.

Growth Strategy

Performance / Pipeline Analysis

Measurement, Attribution, & Reporting

Conversion Rate Optimization

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Our process

How do we work?

We combine your understanding of your customer, with our marketing expertise to deliver the best outcomes for your company.


Stage 1

We begin by getting to know your business, your product, your target audience, and your current marketing efforts. We analyze your data and look for areas where we can make improvements, including customer interviews.


Stage 2

We will then create a customized strategy that outlines the channels we will use, the timelines, and the expected results. We will work closely with you to ensure that our strategy aligns with your business goals.


Stage 3

We will implement the strategy and runs experiments to test and optimize various marketing channels. We monitor the performance of each channel and make adjustments. We report the results on shared Slack channels.


Stage 4

We analyze the results of each experiment and provide you with detailed reports on what worked and what didn't. We discuss the results with you and use the insights to refine our strategy. Look forward to our weekly sync ups for this.


Stage 5

Once we have identified the most effective channels, we scale up our efforts to maximize your growth potential. We continuously monitor and optimize our approach to ensure that you are getting the most out of your marketing budget.

Throughout the process, we work closely with you to ensure that our efforts align with your business goals and that we are delivering measurable results.

Why choose Cogito?

Transparent, flexible, and aligned with your growth journey

We’re founders ourselves

we understand the early-stage uncertainty, and take ownership

We work closely with all our clients

to understand the customer personna, and ensure our efforts align with their business

We function just like an in-house marketing team

using shared Slack channels for comms, and weekly sync-up calls to discuss progress

We build customized strategies for each client

use experiments to test and optimize various marketing channels

We’ll bring in world-class experts from our network

for areas where we need additional expertise, at no additional cost to you

You can combine your understanding

of your customers with our expertise to scale multiple channels concurrently and blow past your OKRs

We understand the changing nature of business

so we don’t have any lock-in periods, only month-to-month contracts

Ready to chat?

We will help you craft tailored roadmaps to drive your startup's success and vision forward.


Trusted by 15+ high-growth B2B companies

Who we work with?

To ensure we’re completely focused on your business, we only work with a handful of clients

You want to grow your users and revenue

You’re looking for a partner and not just a vendor

You want sustainable, defensible growth, instead of burning money on channels that don’t work

You want your strategy, product, creative, and data all working harmoniously

"Adi and Ankit were tremendous in helping us stand up our growth engine & deploy hacky growth tests. This solved a lot of holes in our understanding of growth including user attribution, higher ROI channels and more. On top of that, both are just great people to work with - highly recommend!"

Eric Han

BizOps, Cypher Wallet (YC W22)

"Never have I felt so understood by a growth agency. Cogito's personalized approach made all the difference for our scaling journey."

Oleksii Sidorov

CEO & Co-founder, Slise

"Adi and the broader Cogito team have been very instrumental in creating our digital marketing campaigns at Phasio. He handled our Google and LinkedIn ads and created a sound content pillar strategy for SEO and our LinkedIn presence! I highly recommend him and his team for anyone looking to implement digital marketing and ad campaigns for their B2B SaaS companies."

Sudharshan Raman

Co-founder, Phasio

"I worked with Aditya on our cold email outreach campaign. The value and craft that Aditya brings on the table is immense. We saw significant increase in leads and conversions within the first two weeks itself. We continue to work with him."

Chakshu Chhabrra

Founder, Acelerar Technologies

"When we initiated Hexive, articulating our services and products to potential clients posed a significant challenge. Aditya, along with the Cogito team, seamlessly stepped in, aiding us in redefining our communication strategy concerning our business offerings. Their invaluable assistance catalyzed a remarkable growth trajectory for us."

James Baduor Teye

Founder, Hexive

"Cogito was a real finding. We don't think of sales hiring anymore because Adi met our needs both on execution and advisory level, by training our team and transforming the sales operations but also getting into the fields and filling the quota himself. What else can you desire. It's like having a co-founder."

Oleksii Sidorov

Founder & CEO, Slise

Our team

Your growth partners

Aditya Mehta

Aditya was previously the CEO of Suggestr (YC W22), where he was leading all growth efforts. He took the company to 5-figures in revenue within the first 3 months of launching. His areas of expertise are growth strategy, email outbound, sales, and organic socials.

Ankit Maloo

Ankit is an IIT Kanpur alumnus who has scaled multiple high-growth startups and soonicorns. Previously, he was heading performance marketing at Suggestr, was the VP of Growth at ImpactGuru, and worked at UrbanClap. He leads performance marketing, growth hacking and CRO.

We only take clients we know we can succeed for

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Frequently asked questions

What is the exact process?

We start off with a 30-min intro call in which you give us an overview of your businsess, product, and marketing.  We want to understand your goals, expectations, and what milestones you need to hit for your next round of funding. If we see mutual fit here, we proceed to sign an NDA. Post that, we do a deep-dive call following an analysis on your growth setup and metrics. After this is done, we prepare a customized proposal that covers the scope of work, an estimate of time spent, and cost of the project. Once both sides are happy, we sign an Agency Agreement to formalize the engagment, setup shared comms over Slack, and kick things off.

How much does it cost?

Our solutions are bespoke, and we can give you an exact quote once we closely understand your company and product. Typically execution-based projects start at US$3000, excluding ad spend. After the completion of the partnership duration, any collaterals, playbooks, strategies, and tools belong to you.

How long does a partnership last?

We work on a month-by-month basis. However, if required, you can terminate the engagement with two weeks notice. No questions asked, no hard feelings :)

I already have a growth team. Why should I work with you?

You get two seasoned operators for less than the cost of one senior hire. We help you strategize as well as execute, working closely with your growth team. We also share knowledge and strategies extensively, developing that growth mindset and processes, and your team can take over within 2-3 months.

Why shouldn’t I just hire someone in-house?

Working with Cogito gives you access to a team of experts in various growth channels, without the need to hire and manage them in-house. This allows you to focus on your core business while still having a dedicated team working on growth for you. Additionally, the flexible nature of Cogito's services means that you can scale up or down as needed, without the hassle of hiring or firing employees.

How long does it take to see results?

Differs across channels and tactics — LinkedIn Ads typically take 2-3 months to start showing a positive ROI, with a minimum monthly ad spend of $1-2K. Outbound email ramps up very quickly. We use a mix of long-term and short-terms strategies and tactics to deliver on your weekly/monthly goals.

Do you have experience working with B2B or B2C companies?

We primarily work with funded B2B SaaS companies.

How do you measure success?

Our success is the same as your success. In most cases, it means getting a lot of users at the top of the funnel. Occasionally, we work on fixing activation. In others, it’s about getting free users to convert to paid customers. It depends on the stage of your product and company. We believe in sustainable growth and we work to build your growth engine for the long term, even after our partnership has ended.  

Can you help with branding and design?

While branding and design are not our primary focus, we do work with a network of talented designers who can help you create high-quality branding and design assets.

What level of involvement do you expect from us during the partnership?

About 1-2 hours / week. Once we start our partnership, we have a shared Slack channel for comms. We also do weekly sync ups with you, and any ad-hoc calls as needed. Being founders, we take ownership and try to work as autonomous as possible, to free up bandwidth on your end.

How do you ensure that our data and information are kept confidential?

We take the confidentiality of our clients' data and information very seriously. We use a specific growth email id that you provide us with to store all documents and data. Once the partnership ends, you can simply change the password and own all the data.

We sign NDAs with all clients before any work or data exchange commences.

I don’t have a huge marketing budget. Am I still a good fit?

We typically recommend a minimum of US$2-3K in monthly ad spend for paid channels. Our expertise is in running demand generation campaigns using LinkedIn Ads, which is a more expensive (but more powerful) channel than Google/Meta ads. We recommend it for B2B companies that have an ACV of $3-4K or higher.

Recently we worked with a startup who had a specific requirement of trying ‘doing things that don’t scale’. We leveraged Zapier and social signal listening to surface posts and conversations about their competitors and specific pain points at almost zero cost.

Can you work with startups at different stages of growth?

We've done our best work with funded, B2B, Seed-Series B startups. We welcome companies at different stages of growth, from early-stage startups to well-established companies looking to accelerate their growth.

Do you have a minimum project size or duration?

Yes, execution-based projects start at US$3K per month, excluding ad spend. We work on month-to-month contracts. You can terminate a contract, no-questions-asked, at any time with 2 weeks notice. We want to get sustainable, defensible growth for you, instead of burning money on channels that don’t work. One month is a sufficient to build at least one funnel that allows us to demonstrate this to you.

Do you only do strategy or also cover execution?

We cover both strategy and execution. We understand that one of the key challenges for early-stage businesses is the lack of resources (hands) to do everything. Keeping this in mind, we try to minimize how much we pull in your in-house resources. That being said, sometimes we may need assistance from your product/tech team when we’re building experiments that work inside your product or app.

Do I need to hire you indefinitely? How does a handover work?

We specialize in taking early PMF companies who’ve done their 0-to-1, and help them navigate the next phase of growth. While you’re hiring someone in-house, we'll set up your growth processes, build playbooks, and setup acquisition funnels. We comprehensively document everything, to ensure that the handover is smooth. This allows you to hire with confidence and not settle - knowing that you will not have to compromise on your targets for the month/quarter.